Polyhose Pipes & Fittings

Polyhose Pipes & Fittings is a division of POLYHOSE Group, A Globally diversified industrial conglomerate with headquarters in Chennai, Polyhose has been focused on design, development, manufacturing and distribution of fluid conveyance products since 1996.

Polyhose has established global footprints with presence in North & South America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa and Australia in these 27 years and today engage more than 3500 employees in its worldwide operations with an aspiration to become the most preferred brand in the international market providing one-stop solution for energy transmission.

Polyhose, now recognized as a world-class manufacturer of Thermoplastic, PTFE, Rubber Hydraulic, Industrial, Composite, Stainless Steel Flexible hoses and Fluid Connectors, has 7 manufacturing facilities in Chennai, 10 satellite plants across India and 8 plants situated across Europe, Africa, America and Australia. These state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are accredited with ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, ISO 13485-2016, TS16949-2016, AS9100-Rev D, NADCAP, thereby building a competitive advantage through robust processes and implementing operational excellence in each area of manufacturing to deliver world-class Polyhose branded products.

Polyhose is always in search of new developments in high-quality, value-rich hoses for Hydraulic, Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace, Life Science and other niche applications. With a vision and commitment to expand product portfolio in energy conveyance products, it is now venturing into the Plumbing & Drainage industry incorporating the latest technology to deliver superior and innovative piping solutions.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to work with honesty and integrity and bring an empathetic and collaborative approach to all activities to achieve shared success.

shared vision

Our Vision

To be the market leader by providing the best quality product and services with safety, reliability and timely deliverance at a competitive price.