IS: 4984


Widest Range

16MM – 630MM

Polyhose HDPE
Polyhose HDPE Pipes are made from thermo-alkathene plastic polymers that enable resilient, durable, and cost-effective solutions for the conveyance of potable water, irrigation, and bore-well applications. HDPE pipes are manufactured from virgin superior grade HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) as per BIS specifications – IS 4984 & available in raw material grades PE-63, PE 80, and PE 100 in various pressure rating classes in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Gummidipoondi.

PE Pipes

PE Pipes are one of the two largest thermoplastic pipelines available and by far the most versatile. Polyethylene is a wax-like thermoplastic with a density varying from a range of 934 Kg/m’ to 960 Kg/m’ Which is less then that of water. The only two additives that are added to polyethylene are Carbon black with a limit of 23°F to add some reinforcing effect to increase its weathering properties and some Anti-Oxidant to a limit of 0.3%. We mostly use black pre-compounded PE material. HDPE having comparatively high molecular weight and high in abrasive resistance and has low creep rupture properties.

Raw Material

Hydraguard PE Pipes are manufactured from virgin material. The wide varieties of materials such as PE-63, PE-80 and PE- 100 have varied MRS (Minimum Required Strength) values. Both excellent weathering ability and resistance to UV light can be obtained by utilizing the correct material configuration available in the market.


key features
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Extremely flexible and coilable pipes available in continuous length of 50 Mtrs upto 1000 Mtrs in coil length for sizes 16mm to 110mm OD.Pipes can be laid on undulating lands with maximum radius curvature / bending up to 25 times of diameter( OD).

Tough & Rigid

HDPE pipes are strong as well as resilient to with stand both internal pressure as well as external loads (Soil / traffic). Excellent even water hammer condition to absorb surge pressure as well as thermal stresses.

Light Weight

The inherent light weight of HDPE pipes provides the many cost-saving benefits related to handling, storage, hauling, unloading, joining and installation.


Quick and Easy Jointing

The Butt welding jointing techniques provides absolutely leak proof joints. Being available coils upto certain diameter, the quick and easy installation is possible.

Wear and Abrasion Resistance

HDPE pipes have excellent resistance to wear / abrasion. HDPE pipes have replaced conventional pipes in slurry-transport systems with excellent performance in flowing even with highly abrasive slurries like iron ore, sand, fly ash etc

Smooth Internal Surface

By virtue of being extremely smooth,offers considerably low frictional resistance to the flowing medium. ‘C’ factor for HDPE pipes is minimum “150” and remains constant all throughout its anticipated life.

Resistance to Chemicals

Totally inert to chemicals from PH 0-14, for almost all fluids (acid/alkali) thereby making it compatible to use even in the most hostile environmental conditions.

Wide Range of Choice

HDPE and MDPE pipes are available in sizes from 16mm to 630mm OD and are available in 2.5Kg/cm² to 20Kg/Cm² pressure classes providing a wide option to the designer for optimization of cost.

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Product Details


NOMINAL DIA.<110mm>110mm
STR.LENGTH6 & 12 M6 & 12 M
COIL50,100,200,300 ,500 & 1000m