Pvc pipe

IS: 15778


Available size

DR 11 & SDR 13.5 : 15 mm(1.5 cm) (1/2’’) to 50 mm (5.0 cm) (2’’)
Pipes – confirming to IS:15778, Fitting as per ASTM D2846

Pvc pipe

Polyhose C-PVC is a perfect solution for hot and cold water plumbing systems that is manufactured using world’s best material sourced from internationally acclaimed Japanese company and manufactured using world-class technology. This system is the best substitute for GI pipes as Polyhose C-PVC have excellent resistance to corrosion and external environmental conditions which makes them an ideal solution for potable cold & hot water systems. Entire C-PVC product range is manufactured to withstand the harshest of water conditions and does not deteriorate/contaminate the quality of water making it an ideal system for potable water. It’s anti-corrosive, tough and rigid properties along with easy installation and high performance make Polyhose C-PVC a preferred choice for hot and cold water application in Apartments, Independent houses, Skyscrapers, Corporate & Commercial buildings, Hotels, Resorts and Hospitals all over the world.

Standards & Specifications

IS:15778 – Standard Specification for CPVC pipes for Potable Hot and Cold Water Supplies – Specification


key features
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Long life

Polyhose CPVC is ideal for Hot and cold water circulation. Manufactured using very high quality raw materials sourced from internationally acclaimed Japanese company gives it a long life.


Tough & Rigid

CPVC has a much higher strength modulus than other thermoplastics used in plumbing applications. Being tough and rigid, Polyhose CPVC can withstand higher temperatures & Pressures.


Corrosion and Chemical resistance

Polyhose CPVC is completely free from corrosion and offers strong resistance to corrosive acids and bases.


Superior insulation properties

Due to very low thermal conductivity, Polyhose CPVC reduces heat loss and insulation costs.



The System is highly cost effective than any other plumbing system in the long run.


Maintenance free

No Scaling, Pitting, Corrosion and Leaching. Hence Polyhose CPVC is Maintenance free.


Ideal system for potable water

Polyhose CPVC does not let the quality of the water deteriorate due to its anti-corrosive properties and smooth internal surface ensures lower bacterial formation.


Fire resistance

Polyhose CPVC does not support combustion.

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